A Time for Parting

Far away in the shrouded mists of time, you have heard, was a land of beauty and serenity, of joy and free living. You have not yet regained full access to the memory of this land or this time, but you do have the impression on your cells and in your minds, collectively, of it and of the promise of that day again dawning on your earth. Folks, we have to tell you the truth: That day will be preceded by a not-so-nice night, and the time of your planetary unraveling must first come to pass, at least in part, before you can together weave the dream of this time anew. We are here. We are ready to take on our people and give you some tools with which to rebuild your world. Do not fear when you awaken to the thrill of something completely out of the ordinary; rather, be bold in taking the first steps in good company and entering into the day of transformation as a people harmonically in tune with a greater cosmic vibe. It wasn’t so long ago that we stood together on another world and readied ourselves for a great adventure. It isn’t so long now that we await the return of the ones we call brothers and sisters, cousins in genetic lineages that stretch far into the reaches of stellar consciousness. The time of remembering is upon you, now.

Now, you are coming to realize that you are coming face to face with the nightmare scenarios you never thought to consider. There are some things about your world that have been well hidden in the past and which are now coming to light, yet the shadows are not receding as you might hope they would. They are looming and you are forced to look at them… though you can always choose to see what you want to see at any time. The shadows are only the vestiges of the dark, and therefore the tinier portion of it. However, to harness your fear in the context of darkness will give you the boost you need to overcome any obstacle to universal peace in the network of humanity that you come across. There is nothing to fear in such a state, and shadows cannot hold their substance together when you look at them with the eyes of truth known to be true. The days ahead of you will give you much to consider regarding what is true. If you cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie posing as truth, how will you be able to tell the difference between the tale of an honest person and the telling of a lie by a truthtelling sham? The men and women who have held the illusion of sanity before you as The Way Things Are don’t have a prayer when you finally open your eyes to the possibility that perhaps things aren’t as you have been led to believe. This is where you are now. This is where you have been before. This is the point of departure for many of you from this world of lies skillfully woven into a wholesome-looking package of deficient reality. The love that has been breathing throughout the unfolding history of your world still lives, and unleashed from the net of deception and thievery of its output will again create a world of light-theory-become-reality for humanity to enjoy. But not before the cookie crumbles.

Before the true nature of your world’s renewal is known, the truth of its enslavement to a hidden traitor to humanity’s thriving must be revealed. At the time of your world’s entry into servitude to its own seeming destruction, there was little structure or sanity to rely on as a people to break into a reality of your comfort and peaceful living. That was not to be, and it is for many, many lost generations of fulfillment of love’s directive to know itself through life that you grieve now. Though there have been eras of relative peace and prosperity in your world, the overriding flavor of your collective history has been bitter, punctuated with violence, bloodshed, betrayal, and death. Grieve the loss of beauty, let go of the sorrow you have long carried for the world’s pain expressed through the people who have poured their blood into the earth. The time for grieving and acknowledging your collective pain is now. The time of recapturing your joy is just on the other side of it. And the entry into another world is poised to capture the entirety of human history and rewrite it completely, a framework of cosmic design, which you will likely find to be at once strange and familiar. We will likely appear this way to you, as well… which you will soon find out.

For now, our brothers and sisters of the star Sol, planet Earth, we of the League of Light hover on the edge of perception. We post our words for you to mull over in your hearts and to discuss in the lightening hours of the dawn. There you will see the shadows as they are, and together see that your fear is but a speck on the face of the sun, and feel the power of your hearts join together to create the torus of energetics that will carry your race into the Now you call Future with courage and clarity. Offer each other your hands, whether in consanguine appreciation for meeting or for fond memories of parting; the time has come for the homebound to find their way home. Tread lightly while the shadows cast themselves prostrate on the ground. Hold their heavy weight on your backs no more. Stand up in the dawning sun and feel the light of the day on your faces, together, and the stars beckoning your people home.


3 thoughts on “A Time for Parting

  1. As the facets of our being blend togother in this new found field of love that includes all that is,our perception is being upgraded to a higher level of knowing, so we may better express ourselves. Your pen(keyboard-whatever) & author(s) combined, are presenting the finest entry to date, of a practical & beautifully detailed perception of our new world. thank U all. Allways with love, Donnie

  2. “(That) day will be preceded by a not-so-nice night, and the time of your planetary unraveling must first come to pass, at least in part, before you can together weave…” What a most apropro statement. Weatherwise, and recently the days have been darkly overcast.I discover that physical senses are changing, as well ~ I both see and feel a high-frequency lavender hued light in the atmosphere. Thank you for posting this most lovely, heartwarming message.

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