Personal Messages from Nine through the Pleiadian Renegades

As they have for many, they can do for you. How do you gain personal insight from Nine to apply in your life? Ask. The Pleiadian Renegades relay stunningly appropriate information from the heart of Nine — they are healers and counselors on a grand scale — in a message that’s encoded for you for your own deeper insight into the Self. With wit and candor, they lead your awareness to the core of insight and offer incisively personalized guidance for your path of greatest transformational potential. It is with great love that they communicate through the vehicle of the living written word. Each message they deliver is unique. Each message is encoded specifically for the one asking, with subtleties of language known and recognized by the heart. Knowledge such as this is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and awakening. You can e-mail a request either with a specific question or for a response to an unspoken inner question. Maryann will “download” the message and e-mail it to you, usually within a week or so. You are advised to print it and refer to it often, as each reading will reveal greater depth and clarity.

Messages from Anica

You may e-mail a request for a personal communication from Anica on the topic of the mission of Nine as it pertains to your service to humanity’s awakening. Whereas the messages from the Pleiadian Renegades tend to focus on the personal experience of awakening, healing, and integration, Anica’s messages are directly regarding the individual’s role in the greater awakening and healing of the human psyche. By shifting your awareness, your own life experience can be a powerful agent of change from within the weave of reality. Before requesting a message from Anica, you should have a basic understanding of the science of Nine as presented in this site and understand your role as a divine emanation of I AM. Understanding will follow.

To request a personal message, visit this page, and if you have a question in mind, please drop me a note.


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