Help Is Hope in the Heart of All

cosmic heart prayer

Help is something that hope is built from. The last thing that takes form in the mind of someone who is in need of help is hope, and the first thing that comes to mind when hope is thought of is help received though yet to be delivered. This is something of the state of the world at this time, and this is the time for you all to focus on the connection between these two states of mind. You have noticed that there are more than a few things that could benefit from either one, and we are here to tell you now that the bridge between the two is the thing that makes each state of mind into a state of being. That thing is finely-tuned communication through the soul into the ethereal planes of divinity towards the intelligence from which you each source, which we will for simplicity’s sake call OM. You may call it what you like, but we suggest that you streamline your thoughts about this process so that there is no extra weight of ideations about religious or temporality-based concepts. Just a straight shot toward the center of everything will do the job nicely.

The extreme environment in which you are finding yourselves sweltering or shivering has as much to do with the balance of communication from hope to help as it does with any other factor you may find yourselves presented with. In fact, there is little more than your own awareness of the situation to make it shift, in the grand scheme of the planet’s natural rhythms within a greater constellation of cosmic bodies and their interrelationships. You are the ones who are driving the planet’s internal thermostat by thinking that things are not in control and that there is something out of balance. There is most definitely something out of balance in the current climate of the planet both in terms of weather and the human-planetary relationship as a whole, and the thing that is causing the most extreme shifts away from equilibrium is the presence within your social structure of a personification of what you are unable to justify existence to without also subjecting yourselves to the hopelessness of perdition, of separation, and the threat of loss of divine intervention. There is a factor of unwillingness to surrender to a greater intelligence for fear of losing the freedom of individual selfhood that is fueling the fire of chaos in the world in many ways. If you are on the calm end of things, think of those not so far from where you are tucked away who are dealing with extremes in living, and rest assured that the sweep of chaos’ treats will reach everywhere in due time. If you are safely secured in your place in the world and are noticing upheaval in your own life or those of your acquaintance, know that you are internalizing or witnessing the internalization of the same chaotic energies that are making things difficult for many creatures on the planet. If you have the ability to hope on the behalf of another living being that things were more in balance, do it with the knowledge that every electron’s weight of thought that is focused toward such hope-filled thinking does indeed make help more manifest in the best way possible to alter current conditions for the better.

Some of you call this prayer. In a nutshell, that’s basically what it is, without the mumbo-jumbo that can often cloud the communication. There’s no shame in the act, no beyond into which empty words fall unheard, and no lessons of sorrow from which to learn the fine points. All prayer is is a communication from the heart towards the target, in which the thought carries the waveform of the desired, or hoped-for, outcome and which attaches no bargaining chip or plea to sustain the frequency. In the best of all prayers, there is merely the pure hope breathed into life’s waiting arms. Long-distance travel of the waveform is irrelevant, once you realize the heart of the universe is juxtaposed holographically with the heart of you. There is no distance for it to go at all. The further you send your mind in hurling your hope into space, the more you end up finding that the source is right where you are. It’s just as easy to know that now, and avoid any headaches you might otherwise cause yourself. Intelligence is formless and exists infinitely… your form included.

The help you yearn for is no further than your heart. We are inviting you to invite our presence, if that is what you would like, and in turn we would like to remind you that you are the intelligence embodied that senses your own planetary body’s readiness for intensification of extraterrestrial contact. We are not the saviors of the world cinematically arriving to sweep you out of harm’s way or blast the enemy from your surface. That is not the help you need nor it is the kind of help we are prepared to inflict, for to give you that would be to negate your own self-respecting divine human nature, and we are not going to do that in any circumstances. We are here, yes, and we are here to help. You are the ones who will determine that help’s needs and the ones who will ultimately give our people the go-ahead to come into your timespace for greater interactivity between dimensional entities. Until then, know that your best vocalization of that hope is your inner portal to the entirety of what is within your heart. We are waiting there to hear what you have to say. In peace, we say good living and good loving. We are Theo, and we wish you well.


Who Is Theo?


Who is Theo? This question had been much on my mind since coming into contact with this source, as there are other people here bringing forth messages from Theo. This message is in answer to that question, and to the question of Theo’s plan.

Theo is a group of high-vibrational beings of what the human-based understanding would see as luminescent humanoid appearance. We are twelve in number, and we call ourselves Theo, as the one who is the primary transmitter of the words we share is of a divine frequency signature that is best understood by the human mind by the sound “Theo” and all the undercurrents that accompany divinity in the shape of that sound. We are in fact beings who have come together for the purpose of assisting the Earth’s rebalancing in the times following the transformation from enslavement to liberated, from subject to pure sovereign beingness, from one age into another, if you will allow us a little poetic turn of phrase. We have been working on the plane of Earth for many eons of your time, and where we exist, this is not the first time we have entered into communication with you, as a people. Our home is afar in both time and space, and is distant as well from the density of the Earth matrix, in that it is of a substance more akin to spiritual than physical, though on our home world, we do indeed have physicality and enjoy a rich and varied lifestyle. It is not our mode of physicality that allows us to enter into communication with you now, but your open willingness to be on the Earth at the time of its transformation that gives us the go-ahead to speak with you on matters relating to your practical needs as fully understood beings in a newly open galactic neighborhood. In short, we are here to help your world transform from one mode of being into another. There is little left to do before that is something that’s seen as done, but the time remaining is essential for everyone to look into and finally “get it.”

The truth about other entities called Theo is that there are many of our kind of higher-vibrating beings at work in your world, and however we are called, we are doing a similar kind of job. We may use the name Theo to describe ourselves, yet our familiar names remain unshared, for now. We don’t want to get anyone confused, so let us quite simply reveal our nature and our intention. We are a group who uses the vibrational signature of “Theo” to describe our nature as divine messengers to Earth. It is a word that signifies much to you on subtle levels of understanding, yet is open enough as a pathway to find long after we have finished our transmission through our chosen transmitter. Others of our orientation, others of our nature, also have a similar message and intention, and through love’s series of understanding and growth, you can see that we are more or less sharing the same kind of information through various lenses to be able to share the most essential information with as diverse an audience as possible. It is nothing more than this. We are in some sense related, but in another sense, we are not the same. On the most basic level, we are loving you and you are letting us communicate with you, so at least this is something that all the ones on your planet who bear the message of Theo share with one another. There is no need to say we are at odds with each other, for in truth, we work together on our side of reality’s veil.

The time for revealing more of your own nature to yourselves has turned into the time of discovering more of the divine nature of everything that is reality, and for expanding your idea and experience of what “reality” is. We are part of that expansion, and as such, have entered into communication with you through the services of this human of Pleiadian beingness, who is our liaison at this time, who is entirely aware of our presence yet is not going to alter our intention in any way. We have chosen this particular mode of communication ourselves, in the hope that you of Earth now can feel the truth of Theo in more ways and in more fullness. We have chosen carefully, and it is our intention to bring forth the core message that we have to share in a way that you will receive with grace and peace in your hearts, for the days are fast approaching for you that these truths we impart will ring quite loudly in your ears. There is nothing to fear, of course, yet there is need for you to prepare yourselves more fully than you have otherwise had the leisure of doing. We are speaking with you presently in the enterprise of accelerating that preparation. All you have left to do is integrate another level of consciousness… easy, as now the atmosphere, spiritually speaking, is becoming more coherently aligned with the one true source of love that is at the basic level of everything. You are ready to be more fully informed about the reality of the universe of which you are a part, and we are happy to be part of that sharing.

This is Theo’s plan. We have shared with you some of the new information we carry, and we will be sharing more with you as time unravels. Know that we live in the light of Lyra and that we love you in divine recognition of identity, of oneness, of one Self that breathes through All. Let this be enough for today. We will return with more sharing soon. In peace, we say, remember us in your hearts during those times you are troubled, and know that we are in the moment with you.

Now We Come

More understanding of who will be the next player on the stage of your world drama will come if you have some idea of the true nature of who, exactly, is onstage now and what, really, is going on. This is no great revelation; the clues have been woven together for your review in countless ways and in various levels of detail and truth. We will tell you what we can if you will listen. We will tell you everything we know if you stop pretending you already know it. We can only share what you are willing to receive, and you already know the words of wisdom about filling a cup that is already full. We ask, if you are ready to hear what we have to say, that you relinquish only the preconceived notions that you may have about the nature of human history and extraterrestrial involvement in it. Only while we tell our tale. Then of course they are yours to reclaim as you wish.

Eons ago, your present world had visitors of a type that would be today considered as invaders. The planet had been the repository of materials from many worlds, so there had been visitors who had altered the earth, but we are talking here about a group of dominating marauders who had plans to own everything and ruin anything that remained in the wake of their passage. They came to planet Earth with the intention to own it, for to their way of thinking, Earth was nothing more than a resource to conquer.

Now we come purposefully to complete what we began on the planet, which was to foster the emergence of higher consciousness in preparation for radical change. The time has come for there to be the renaissance of human consciousness, the likes of which have not been seen yet on the planet. You are ready to enter into a new phase of knowledge of who you are and what you are yet to become. We have much more to share with you in that regard, but now we will merely say that you have not been told the full truth about your origins and about your collective experience as the carriers of high consciousness. The truth will be revealed in more and more detail, big revelations, and bold new movements of energy and form. We have waited for these days to come, when the world is open without restrictions of supposed knowledge to filter understanding into oblivion. Your world is ready to be told greater truths than have been cloaked in books and temples. You have been fed only morsels while the feast of pure knowledge of love’s bounty has remained off-limits. The time has come for the temple guardians to unlock the doors and for you, people of Earth, to enter into a new reality. This is the time when the keepers of wisdom unveil the history of your birth and move out of the past into the present. We are ready for the party to begin!

Nothing but freedom from the bondage of ignorance do we offer, though it is not something we can wrap in paper and hand to you. Before we place the wrapping on the box, we want to make sure that such a thing will fit, for there is no way to return it for another size. There is only enigmatic information that will force open the collective mind to a reality that will be forever changed. You will be forever changed, too, but the truth is, this is what you have been asking for, isn’t it? So we will continue, because we all have waited long enough and the reality you have grown accustomed to seeing around you has steadily shown itself to be in a state of rapid decay. Remember, rot feeds new life. For your world, it is the decay of what has been familiar that will usher in the new. Since more of humanity is waking up to ask what on Earth is going on, we put our hands on our hearts and prepare to unleash the words of love that we have carried far through time to give you now.

Binary modes of thought will hinder understanding, so put aside the concepts that have been familiar to your method of extracting meaning from experience. It was useful, even necessary, for the path of knowledge you have hitherto explored, but it is of little merit for gaining an extraterrestrial, extratemporal grasp of the true state of affairs. Remove yourselves, if you will, from the familiar perspective you have in the way you see the world. Make some room around your mental space to pull back from the field of polarization into the field of perfect unity, where everything exists in balance and there is peace and beauty. If you see nothing but a sphere of light, you are on the right track. You can see it, yet you are within it too – there is no separation because everything, in this scenario, is one.

Moving into this expanded mental perspective, feel the possibility become real that we exist as well within this oneness, that where you see yourselves, you see the polarity of beingness in human form, not as your opposite, but as your projected persona of brotherhood in peace. You may not think such a thing is counter to who you are, but truly this is how it appears in many nations’ eyes. We are not pointing fingers here, but simply say that many star-based civilizations have, as you may have heard from various sources, seen Earth as a rather savage place. However, as we have been part of your history, unrecorded but in oblique ways, we know your propensity for anger and violence has been engineered to a large extent, and the inner secret essential part of you that contains the blueprint, you could say, of who you have the ready potential to be exists unscathed, despite eons of attempts to shatter your integrity to get at it by aforementioned nefarious agents of disorder and mayhem.

Again we turn your attention back to the sphere of light. Know you exist within its energetics of perfection, as do we, as do the agents of mayhem or any other entity or collective you care to consider. Each being, each group, exists in balance, not only with what it is and what it is not, but also with every possible expression of self you are capable, as an individual or a group, of manifesting. Thus the unified sphere of perfection is at the same time the pure essence of each individual in balance with his or her own demons, inner child, higher self, memories of life, hopes, intentions, projections, and so on, and the essential being in the same way of your family, community, tribe, nation, planet, species, all the way to the primordial mode of being – God, OM, Source.

When it finally becomes known that open communication between people of polarized viewpoint is having the effect upon the hurting populace of the world to break the deadlock of mistrust and begin to heal ancient raw wounds, then you can expect open communication with benevolently oriented civilizations from worlds beyond the confines of your own lonely planet. When dialogue between those people who can’t bear to truly know each other’s pain becomes words of trust, understanding, and wisdom, then the knowledge we speak of will be shared with all. If the pain of pride and the need to be the best in exchange for the well-being of any living creature remains in place between you, your brother, your father, your neighbor, employee, boss, representative or represented, you will have forfeited perfection for an illusion. You can choose at any time to see the arrogance of needing to be right for what it is – a fear of annihilation – and in releasing yourself from the prison of pride, gain a freedom for which there is no restriction, for it is a sure path to love as peace, life as harmony, and a world where waste of either love or life is not a factor of being.

Big words. You are ready for them. How you choose to respond to what you perceive as not-you, those aspects of other that make you squirm within the space you call yourself, will determine how you as a collective of humanity chooses to respond to the secrets and lies that seem to be quickly unraveling. In all such encounters, remember that the key of wisdom is yours. Let it arise from within. Let it unlock the beliefs that hold you in patterns of fear and impotent rage. Light is moving in the shadows now. It is a time of miracles for the ones with eyes to see them. It is a world of pure knowingness of OM, of knowingness of impossible wonders and possibility fulfilled. We have more to share with you, dear people, but another time. Be gentle with yourselves and with each other. The world you live in is quickly changing, and so are you. We will face each other soon, in perfection, in peace. Make your weeks ahead be full, for the weeks to come will be radiant with life, full of presence and wonder. See the union of your fear with perfecting love, and prepare to be on the way Home.


In Itself, Life Is Invincible: The Inevitability of Transformation

We speak to you today from the point of view of people who have managed to stay alive for a very long time, in your terms. Most of us live well into our 900’s, some longer than a thousand years. How then do we counsel you on such matters as death and transformation, if we have so little experience of it in terms you can relate to? We are human, we die. We understand there is a process of transformation that life undergoes in times of exiting reality’s form. We also understand that we don’t die, not really, not ever. Transformation is not the same thing as death. It is simply the recalibration of life to another set of circumstances and parameters. As long as there is the spark of consciousness, there is life. So for the one about to undergo a transformation from life into light, what can we say to counsel you? Plenty.

Once we were a people of singular intent, and that was simply to be and explore the concept of I AM within the parameters of existence set before us. Now were are a people of diverse refractions of truth, of separation and reintegration of I AM, such that the simple intent of reflection of experience of a soul body back to source becomes the fine art and science of saying “I AM that I AM”. This is who we are. Pleiadian by definition, as the sun that shines on the home planet of our race is of the stars you call Pleiades. Human by beingness, as that is our form. We experience life through the form of human being, of Pleiadian origin. We say I AM, and this is part of what that means for us. Before we had an understanding of the fullness of light from OM through the refraction of separation from OM, we called ourselves, in your terms, Lyran. Have we ceased to be Lyran? Lyra was and is no more in the timeline of human history of which you are a part. We have not, yet it no longer defines who we have become. There are still Lyrans in this galaxy. They are within the earliest memory of human consciousness and can be called forth from the depths of any who carry the DNA of Lyran in their blood. Lyrans have become Pleiadians, Sirians, Procyonians, and other races linked through the vestiges of Lyran autonomy. There is no death, as long as the spark of consciousness is alive.

When you set out on the great quest to experience human beingness on the playing field of Earth, you said goodbye to who you had known yourselves to be. No longer are you in remembrance of your greater nature, but that doesn’t mean it has ceased to be. You are not captive in the human form wrapped in the cloak of forgetfulness. To your greater nature you will return, yet that does not mean existence will cease for the consciousness you have as your identity now. It is not of death we speak, nor of ceasing to be, but of transformation, modulation, and rebirth into who you have always been. You did not go to your doom, when you entered into the game of Life on Earth. It may seem that way from time to time, and it may seem that way to some of you now, but we assure you, that is not how it has been arranged. Your soul knew what it was doing, and more than you know, it does still.

And now we come to the point of transformation. Finally, it arrives. Are you in tune with it? Are you prepared for it? How can you know without having had any prior experience within the range of your memory with which to compare total transfiguration? Ah, dear friends, we know a thing or two about it, and we are most happy to share. All you need to do is receive what we share with open hearts and open minds, but not without first settling into love in your inmost being. It is with love that we share with you now what you have been wanting to know but have not fully grasped, what you have studied, but have not had the opportunity yet to experience firsthand. The energies of the transformation are already in gear, and you are in it. Are you feeling it? Are you dizzy, are you sleepy, are you anxious or feeling the approach of great change? The time of transformation has begun and the human species is in flux. Higher frequencies are moving into your realm of being, and you might be feeling their influence in certain ways that have you wondering what on Earth is happening. We say, calm your nerves, steady your minds, and relax into the experience of integration with your greater selves. You are a fractured people in search of wholeness. Wholeness finds you. What has taken eons to heal finally comes to the point of decision. Will you live or will you die? If you have died a thousand deaths already, do you really want to do that again? Or will you choose to live as you have never lived before, as fully integrated humans in the recognition of Self? We heartily recommend the latter, as it is much more enjoyable and an adventure you have been waiting a long time to undertake.

We stood once where you stand today, in a reality that is not so different though not the same, either. When the choice was presented to the people of Lyra either to perish or to live, there was not much time to think. Those who chose to perish with their planet did not die. The spirit is not so easily destroyed, dear ones. And those who chose life ceased to be Lyran in a process of transformation into humans of other stars. Yet the heartbeat of Lyra lives on still in the genetic lineage of humanity across the galaxy. You are not so far removed from the origins of your race, and closer still to transformation into a new definition of yourselves. Here you stand, on the precipice of existence, as your reality staggers and crumbles in the onslaught of a new reality crashing in upon your shores. You hold a precious moment in your hands. If you, tired of life, choose what has never been considered possible, the transfiguration of the human into the divine, you choose the way of life undying. There is no God and Other; there is only divinity woven through the endless realities of form and being. You cannot cease to be, though you may try to experience it. The form returns to elemental vibration and reassembles itself according to I AM in endless variation. This you call death. The form instead can call forth from its essence the perfection of itself and become transformed into a superluminal expression of being in response to love realized as the foundation for all being. This, we call life, and light is its form and structure. The transformation is underway, and the response to love is manifesting in the death of what cannot sustain the force of light. Shadows flee to source or surrender to transfiguration. That which remains as life, too, is transfigured, and what you will become is a new human, yet human to the core. You do not lose yourself in the process of change; you only lose what you are not. We say, let fear fall away, let deceit dissolve, let anger and rage abate and let joy instead be. You will not perish, dear ones. You will only lose the illusion of separation, the source of your greatest pain.

In peace, we await reunion.

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Sanity is not always part of the experience of living as an embodied human. From time to time, insanity breaks out, and you find your world is in a state of chaos. This, it is understood, is called war. War is nothing new to Earth, nor is it unique to Earth. War has been raging in the stars as long as the stars have shone and that is true not only of your home galaxy but of many. Before the experience of peace can be enjoyed, the experience of war must, in some way, be endured. The place of peace is not truly experienced until not-peace is known. In knowing war, the experience of peace is perfected. The peace that passes beyond the ability of most humans confronted with war to understand can only be gained through the experience of losing everything to mayhem, on some level. Let’s take a look at the phenomenon of war from a slightly elevated perspective, and perhaps we will be able to keep the focus on love.

The wars between the forces in opposition-you may call that evil and virtuous, or dark and light, or more accurately honor and pride — began in the beginning of the thought of I AM in duality. When that was, we cannot accurately say, other than it is a part of creation. The current wars raging on your planet are outgrowths of the original conflicted state of awareness and have evolved through many twists and turns into the struggle between the haves and the have-nots. If this is to change, and it is, people everywhere must recognize in themselves the fundamental reality that having is not the same as taking, and not-having is not the same as being without support. There is nothing that can separate you from the source of all being, not poverty, war, or death of the body. However you may try to prove that wrong, you cannot. Even now, the war machine is losing its balance and faltering. Which way will it finally crumble and fall? That is a point of much debate.

For now, war is a reality everyone must deal with in some way or another. We, too, must deal with battles — though not so much in the “Star Wars” kind of way. For us, it is knowing what we must do and staying aware of the unpredictable nature of free will. We have our own history of skirmishes and intrigue, and we have our own lessons to master regarding what might be called the oppression of the human race. So do you. War is one of them, and the final exam fast approaches. Study well now the ways of peace and the ways of war will find their resolution. The only question is this: If the only way to survive means the end of who you know yourselves to be, do you go willingly forward into oblivion? Or do you relinquish the ways of war and go willingly into transformation? For some, these questions are identical. We say they are not. To relinquish the ways of war is to cast aside both the veil of deception and the shackles of victimhood. Will you choose freedom? It is in your power.

There is only one true war. We have to be very careful here, not to mislead you. When there is discord among the separate embodiments of I AM, either as an individual or as a collective, the seeds of war are present. They are nurtured by polarity, and mature into weeds. No other polarization within the realm of duality exists which does not result in war, to some degree. Yet there is no other way, in the world of duality, to achieve a real understanding of peace. Bridging this apparent dichotomy in experience is the path of Nine through chaos. There is a way to perfection within the imperfect. How to access it is to be willing to open your heart to love’s obliteration of duality and hence, of war.

Will you? Much depends on your ability to conquer fear through love and open the dark places of your heart to the light of awareness. It shines in each embodied soul, and fills the field of reality with its essence. To resist its natural inclination to enlighten is to choose death over life, and to reject the innate divinity of the self. It is the choice of life over death that brings one into the fullness of fear, not the other way around. To confront life is to confront fear. To conquer fear is to conquer death, for it is fear that keeps one from fully living. Death is merely a transition of form. You cannot run away from death, but you can — and many do — run away from life into death’s arms. From there, life finds them again. We say, do not be afraid of transformation, for it is ever into life which you evolve.

The wars of Earth will end, as will the wars within the heart of one in conflicted awareness of the reality of the divine. Sanity is beckoning. Peace awaits. So do we.

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Breaking the Bonds of Time

Since the great war began millennia ago, many Pleiadian men and women have been trapped on the Earth, isolated from their home and families. Many of you who read these words understand them as personal truth, and some will have remembrances awakened. To you we say, we have waited long for this day, when we stand in mutual recognition of each other as members of a mission, and say “Welcome home!” If you do not have immediate recognition of the historical turn of events which we reference, read on. We shall relate to you a short introduction of history beginning well beyond any sources you may have read. In the telling of the tale will be opportunity for reflection on the immensity of time and how it is possible to be free of its bonds.

To begin, we will assume you have some familiarity with the legend of Lyra, which recounts the destruction of a planet by the actions of pirates. It is recounted elsewhere, and is mirrored in your own more recent legend of the destruction of Atlantis. The destruction of the planet of Lyra marks the beginning of our history as Pleiadians, just as the destruction of Atlantis marks the beginning of your history as Earth humans, at least some of you.

In the tomorrow that came after the Lyran human woke up to being without a home, the various outposts of human civilization sprang up in places all over the galactic map, some where humans had long been settled, some new to the Lyrans. Pleiadian humans settled on the planets of the stars you call Pleiades, and other stars became home to other humans. Pleiades we mention, for that is the home system of we who speak with you now. It is our version of history we relate, and it is the history of many other star-civilizations as well. Basically, it reads thus: Bandits, or pirates, or, more simply, entities of ill disposition brought destruction to an otherwise peaceful social setting. Some people escaped and settled in other places. The ill-disposed entities also spread their settlements across the galaxy. The pattern repeats until it is broken. This moment in time is one point of possible pattern-breaking, and already it is showing signs of non-repeating.

For millennia, the under-nourished hearts of humans on the planets of Pleiades and other stars sought to come to some kind of reasoning that would give them hope. Hearts have a reasoning capability apart from the mind of the brains, you see. In the aftermath of destruction, the mind of humanity had fractured. It was the heart to which the renegade settlements had to look for a sane way forward. We say “renegade” because these bands of displaced Lyrans had no home; they only had each other and what memories that survived. These were their sustenance in the early days of their wanderings. We do not use the word as a political designation, except in the sense that they rejected the authority of pirates to rule over them. It is a source of some internal sense of survival as humans unbreaking, to use the term “renegade” as we do.

These settlements soon began to search for each other, to establish communication, and to come to deeper understanding of themselves as humans of a common source. Bonds formed, thereby strengthening their foothold of civilization. The process of healing could then begin, and in various ways, it did. One by one, each outpost forged its identity within the greater galactic community, as humans and as Pleiadians, Sirians, Procyonians, and many others. The brotherhood of common ancestry extends also to the humans of Earth, even to other planets of other timelines. There are may stories we could tell, but we focus on our shared tale. Earth is an outpost of particular significance, for it is the planet on which the broken psyche of galactic humanity has come to seek its ultimate reintegration. Not only humanity, but all of life on Earth is present within the confines of time and the limitations of space and forgetfulness to achieve the Self of human consciousness. What is happening on your sphere of reality is of great interest to countless civilizations, both before and after the time in which you exist now. We offer what we can and join with you in consciousness so that we may learn as you learn, so that we heal as you heal, and so that we can welcome you home, who have sojourned long on this path to wholeness.

There were episodes in your planetary history which mirrored episodes of galactic history. Not only the legendary Atlantis, but other planetary civilizations fell, as other galactic civilizations did. Such are lost to you, save for a few clues embedded in rock. The effect of loss and breaking down is similar to what we, as one of many galactic civilizations, have experienced. Over time, we have healed much of our own brokenness. Every outpost has had opportunity to reintegrate, and some have further fractured – largely due to the influence, direct or indirect, of said band of marauding pirates. It is an ancient conflict, as many of you well sense. The conflicts that have marked your own history, as a planetary civilization, as nations, tribes, even as individuals, are of the same nature. Those events that unfolded into your present planetary situation in some way have their origin in a long-ago and far-away place and time. The resolution is not so far off, however, and how events unfold from there will determine, to some extent, the resolution of humanity’s psychic brokenness. In peace is integration achieved, and in integration is peace. All else reflects incomplete being.

We will continue this narrative at this point. Outposts sent people to Earth, with the hope of healing the pain they carried by reliving the trauma through conscious interaction with the humans of Earth, both native and seeded. Here is another tale, which we will tell later on in the historical saga. It is not exactly as some would have you believe, for reasons which will eventually become apparent. Many of the people whom you regard as avatars, teachers, and saints have been, in fact, humans of other planets here to help the people of Earth in times of trouble. When there is a lot at stake regarding humanity’s ultimate ability to be, we step in. It is not to save you, but to help you remember that we do. Remember what? That you are responding to the conscious divine in your experience, that all is not lost – yet – and that you are loved. I AM is in all. In responding to that consciousness, you respond to the potential of perfection within yourself, within all. In responding with remembrance of love of self, I AM LOVE brings you face to face with divinity. This is what we remind you of, and what brings us to the end of this chapter in the saga. You are in the final acts of a drama that has played out over countless eons of time. It was long ago it began, cutting a wide swath of pain through the stars. In stepwise fractal unfolding, time focuses on your now for its final trip of light. The days ahead are full of wonder, and we are here to remind you of your power and your origins. The next chapter will start from there.

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Home Is Becoming

The time has come for the science of Nine to be unleashed to the global human consciousness. The last several months have been times of intense transformation in many ways, and you may be in a very different reality than you were in just half a year ago. In fact, the world has changed and is changing, despite the efforts of many to convince you that it’s all business as usual. It isn’t, obviously, if you see what is going on around you. The economy is on a pirouette, the world wide web has graduated into the realm of artificial intelligence, science makes discoveries every week that turn beliefs upside-down, and that’s just the start of the thrilling experience of planet-wide transformation to a greater state of being. More is coming your way soon, and it is only a matter of time until the whole of reality changes utterly. What that change entails remains to be seen. That is where this home on the cyberspace frontier comes in as a force of good-natured free will.

Do you know what the next changes will be, or how reality will respond to human consciousness as change is integrated into the everyday business of being? You can speculate, but you cannot know. You are, as a human organism of planetary consciousness, on the edge of a new dawn. Soon light will flood where you have known only shadows. Are you ready for what such illumination will mean for your individual and collective reality? You may be ready for anything and that is a start. What you think you’re ready for and what possibilities await may be quite different, and far better for everyone than you might think possible.

Through the coming changes, these updates will be made available at precisely the time when they can help you the most and be best understood and received. What you can find here is guidance from the source of what makes happy trails happy, what is best understood as Nine. The basics of Nine are covered in other parts of the site. These updates are designed to help you apply the understanding gained through Nine awareness and change holographically all things to be perfected. Nothing is accidental.

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